Anna Tomova


My main focus is growing Gorazdo Studio and providing digital solutions to our clients for their spectacular growth. I’m a problem solver, driven to work with inspiring people and build brilliant products for tomorrow’s needs. Using the latest data-driven technology, we build, optimize and scale apps and websites to maximize true potential and reach new all-time highs in terms of performance within a short time frame. Anything of the above you’d like to discuss? Feel free to reach out to me.
eWallet Cover
eWallet UI Kit

Premium Finance-Saving Mobile App UI Kit

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Boer in Natuur cover
Sustainable Agriculture

Smart farming in the Netherlands, which uptakes more CO2 than emits

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Cardiohealth Metaverse

Combine fitness with metaverse experience

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Crypto NFT Marketplace

Built on the Ethereum network

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SMM Planner cover
User Management Dashboard

Role-based social media management dashboard

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Flagship store

Building furniture brand experience that bridges Marketing and eCommerce

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Squads Development Community

Global full-stack development talent network

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Daiga Business Consultancy

Daiga is a business consultancy inspired by connecting people with AI

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Fashion Magazine

Inspirational fashion & art platform

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Planning Poker-cover
Planning Poker App

Consensus-based, gamified app for Scrum

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Saison Group Branding-cover
Saison Group Branding

Brand identity for the well-known Japanese company

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Blockchain Platform

All-in-one Crypto trading platform

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Hinode Festival

The Hinode Festival is supported by the Embassy of Japan in Russia

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