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About the project

Cardiohealth is a project that combines three products: Metabike, Metarun, and Cardiocoin. Metabike and Metarun provide an opportunity for users to connect real-life fitness with a metaverse experience. As an element of gamification, we added Cardiocoin  the currency you earn while using Cardiohealth products.

Cardio different desktop screens
Cardio website mobile design
Cardio App mobile design
Cardio the future of fitness

Multiple languages

The site supports Korean in addition to English. We work with the internationalization of projects, developing websites and applications that support different languages and alphabets, such as Korean and Japanese, and RTL languages with right-to-left scripts, such as Arabic.

Cardio Korean testimonials and HUB desktop screens

Interactive map

We developed an interactive map with hover-over functionality that displays a list of fitness rooms in a specific area. It is a great way to provide users with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for finding nearby locations.

Design process


We've prepared both websites with crucial functionality in a short period of time. After the project's launch, we started to adjust more complex features such as videos. Due to the agility of the working process, we can deliver core functions and then enhance existing websites.

Cardio Timeline

Our goal in the project was to create a website that would become a part of the brand identity and will depict the idea and vision of the product.

We were working in close collaboration with the cardio team to fulfill all of their expectations and to be able to modify the website quickly.

To capture users’ attention, we’ve created dynamic and clickable elements. At the same time, users can easily find all the necessary information about the products without being overloaded with the information on the website.

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