Customer Development

This client-centric approach helps to test business ideas with the target audience, and launch a successful product by solving customer problems and considering their needs and requirements.

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Most common business problems

– No idea how to improve the product;

– Business investments do not produce the desired outcome;

– What customers are willing to pay for is unclear;

– You have no idea why customers choose rival businesses;

– Cost inflation;

– High cost of application, little return on marketing.

What does our CustDev contain?

In-Depth Interviews

A pre-planned list of questions is used during a 1-1.5 hour conversation with the client to elicit the client's true meanings, motivations, and fears and understand how he currently solves the problem.

Interview analysis

Creating a portrait of a client based on more than 20 criteria, figuring out their motivations and behavior patterns, researching their user experience, and more.

Creating a Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is a visual tool that shows the steps and experiences of a customer interacting with a business, used to increase customer satisfaction and optimize strategies.

Real-user testing of a product or service

Real-user testing can help identify issues or problems with a product or service and inform design and development decisions to improve the user experience.

How can CustDev help businesses?

After conducting the research, you can stop assuming the client's needs and make snap judgments.

0Briefing & brainstorm

We start with collecting and analyzing data received from the client, including briefing and brainstorming with all team members. This stage is necessary for a complete understanding of the processes and the client’s tasks.

1State hypotheses

Based on the obtained data, we map out the business model canvas to compile a list of hypotheses regarding the chosen problem, your prospects, and the solution.

2Test the problem

We assemble a list of questions and conduct interviews with the target audience to validate hypotheses about the problem.

Why choose us?

We save your time

No need to allocate time for team management. A project manager will be assigned to oversee all project steps.

Providing solutions instead of posing inquiries

We assume responsibility for decision-making. When faced with a problem, we find a solution and inform you of its progress.

Comfortable payments

Payments are phased: begin with the initial cost, and you'll get the outcome of our effort for a more straightforward assessment and evaluation of our work.

What are the difficulties of a self-conducted CustDev?

0The team does not have an analyst.

In most cases, the company lacks an expert to properly analyze 20+ interview results and create meaningful analytics, conclusions, and recommendations. The task is usually assigned to inexperienced marketers, leading to ineffective custdev with no new insights gained.

1High labor costs

A castdev typically takes over 100 hours, with 20 interviews lasting 1.5 hours and additional preparation time. Pulling multiple people from work for this amount of time can be costly, making outsourcing a better option.

2Data is inaccurate

Drawing incorrect conclusions is the biggest hazard in research. Lack of experience makes it easy to fall into this trap. One common mistake is to only survey a biased sample, like current customers who are likely to praise the product. Neglecting those who chose a competitor or found an alternative solution leads to inaccurate results.

3Most likely you will not finish the CastDev

You will start the research, but after 1-2 weeks stop it, because it is difficult. You will come back to it later when a trigger occurs, such as an event that prompts the need to study your audience. This may lead to searching for outsourcing solutions.

The target triggers for purchasing on CustDev are these.

Curious? We'd love to hear from you

After you reach us, one of our advisors will schedule a meeting to discuss your great digital goals.

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