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About the project

Squads is a global full-stack development community where you can hire a team of professional developers to help you create your projects. Squads has various development teams with different skills, allowing them to develop projects of any complexity.

The most challenging part for us was creating a bright website highlighting Squads' proficiency. We’ve gone through multiple stages of research and product ideas to develop a successful process built on how the world’s most competent product teams work.

Squad mobile design about the company
Squads website mobile design

We helped index Squads more effectively with SEO optimization.

Website speed has increased by 60%.

Content management has become more convenient and accessible by implementing headless CMS.

More to love

We’ve created a new website with a modern design from scratch and implemented new features such as a light/dark theme.

We improved user experience by visualizing information intended for different user groups.

Squads different desktop screens
UI Goals

Design Process

One of the main objectives due to the Design Process was to add the feature of adapting the website’s mode (Light or Dark) to the user’s device settings. Our primary focus was matching the color scheme and overall visual style to make it look great in both themes. And (spoiler alert!) the result was worth the effort.

Squads about development process
customization & CMS


The new website’s design and development were completed quickly due to close interaction with the Squads team. After the project’s launch, we continued to work with the Squads team to add more complex features.

Squads Timeline

Our main goal was to bring the Squads team vision to life by creating a minimalistic and vibrant website with fast response time and good performance that can attract customers.

Throughout development, the Squads team had access to a live prototype, which helped them follow the creation of the final product in real-time and share their vision.

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