Eco Sence

From Air Analysis to Carbon Credits: your Eco Companion

Eco Sence

About the project

Eco Sence is an eco-focused mobile app that encourages sustainable living.

It leverages Web 3 technology and Carbon Credits to promote eco-friendly choices.

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Eco Rewards

The Carbon Credit System employs Web 3 technology to enable users to offset CO2 emissions via a token-based mechanism.

Tokens represent specific contributions to projects that decrease (diminish) greenhouse gas emissions. The contributions include measures such as planting trees and adopting renewable energy.

By utilizing these tokens, individuals, corporations, and governments can counterbalance their carbon footprints, thus contributing to broader environmental and sustainability goals.

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New Features

Eco Sence consistently evolves, introducing innovative features like real-time air quality analysis and intuitive carbon credit management.

The interface is user-friendly and promotes awareness of environmental issues. It provides accurate information and tools to help users actively participate in conservation.

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User-Centric Design

Green UX/UI

Eco Sence combines Web 3 technology with user-centric design, offering seamless management of carbon credits and real-time air quality data. 

Users can effortlessly engage in and contribute to impactful environmental conservation through the app's intuitive interface.


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