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About the project

Our client was facing challenges with their social media management process, and our team was able to identify their pain points and design a solution that addressed their specific needs. The role-based dashboard we created only displays the information necessary for each user's role, streamlining the social media management process for the entire team.

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UX / UI Goals

Internal Processes

Our user-management dashboard is built on Jobs-To-Be-Done principles, ensuring it meets clients' needs. In addition, we conducted an internal customer development process to gain insights into our customers' pain points and requirements for managing user roles and permissions. This process helped us to identify the key features and functionalities that would make our dashboard more effective and user-friendly.


Our clients have reported significant improvements in managing user roles and permissions.

Reducing the time and resources required for management has allowed businesses to focus on other essential areas.

Improved communication and collaboration between team members, as everyone has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

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Real-time social media analytics

Our product provides real-time insights and analytics, enabling users to monitor their social media performance and make informed decisions. Furthermore, the dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of metrics such as engagement rates, reach, and impressions, which helps optimize social media strategies.

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