Hey, we're Gorazdo

We're a digital product agency from the Netherlands. We provide strategy, design, and development across all platforms.

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Discover who we are

With nearly a decade of experience in the creative space, Gorazdo Studio reframes the digital realm through the lens of modern aesthetic. We’re a creative agency that brings design thinking to every aspect of what we do: from branding to digital experiences, with imaginative product experience and technological avantgarde in between.


We’re all about collaboration. We put faith in each other to do great things and share the responsibility to create an environment that helps our team work best: balance time spent together with some personal time. Come by, and you’ll catch on to what we mean.


Our mission is to unlock the power of a borderless web for everyone. We build borderless, customer-centric products which feel personal to every one of our clients and will serve as their trusted companions to manage and grow their wealth.


We pride ourselves in hand-crafting bespoke experiences that push the technological boundaries of design. Seeing that our work is recognized and stands out among others is precious.

Our values


We think outside the box on surprising and bulletproof solutions that meet even the highest requirements — we love ideas that go beyond standards and patterns. So don’t take our word for it — look at our portfolio and see for yourself!


We meet deadlines and keep that quality on top. Since they allow for adequate preparation, task scheduling, breaking tasks down into smaller pieces, allowing for doubts, and focusing on delivering work on time.


Each of our products is unique from others, but all carry Concepts in their DNA. We're not into delivering projects that only look "pretty." Instead, aesthetics derive from a product's ability to solve your problem according to functional requirements effectively and helps stand out among competitors.


We build our successful relationships with clients on open and upfront communication. The team and clients should understand all business aspects and have a voice to achieve remarkable results.

Want to be part of our team?

At Gorazdo, we always seek individuals who possess creativity, passion, a sense of adventure, and a unique personality to become part of our family.

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