Saison Group Branding

Anna Tomova
Egor Zavalischenko
Anna Antsiferova
Competitor Analysis
Product Design
cultural exchange

Japan culture

The well-known Japanese company "Saison Group" has carried out a number of significant initiatives in the field of cultural exchange between Japan and Russia. Since 1995, the Season of Groups has been promoting Japanese philosophy and business culture in Russia.

brand strategy

Emotional connection

The immersion led to developing a brand strategy that helped uncover common ground among fans of Japanese culture and instill an emotional connection to the country. Gorazdo Team did this by focusing on three distinct passion points: nature, culture, and people.

Picture by Gorazdo.Studio
Picture by Gorazdo.Studio
Picture by Gorazdo.Studio
Picture by Gorazdo.Studio
three distinct passion points

Nature. Inspiring stories that connect the outdoors, the local culture, food, and people.

Culture. Inspiring experiences from the local cultural scene and lifestyle.

People. Events to celebrate Japanese culture.

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