Planning Poker App

Consensus-based, gamified app for Scrum

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About the project

We thought a lot about team cooperation. We wanted to have retrospectives, standups, and backlog refinement meetings held in one app. That's why we created the Planning App integrated with

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Agile workflows

What it does

Planning poker, a.k.a. Scrum poker, is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating. It is primarily used to estimate software development effort and size. In planning poker, group members make estimates by placing numbered cards face-down on the table rather than saying them out loud.

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Focus on people. 👋 Perfect for an agile team.

Gamification. 🎲 Enjoyable unbiased estimation for your planning sessions.

Accessibility. 👨🏻‍🦯 Screen reader and keyboard navigation support.

11 basic cards + 3 extras. ♠️ Infinity, Coffee-break, and Question cards.

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Permissions and security

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We don't collect your data

Our team doesn't save any information about visitors or other Miro boards. We don't apply any GDPR-related notifications or process anything. The plugin source code is open and available on GitHub.

We use the Vercel server

The plugin runs on a static-hosted server Vercel. It uses Miro servers as an API. We use HTTPS and the data is secured via Transport Layer Security protocol.

We ❤️ Enterprise

The application has MIT license. If your company has a white/blacklist, allow your employees to access along with and enjoy. We can provide a self-hosted solution and guide you through installation. Contact us via

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