Daiga Business Consultancy

Daiga is a business consultancy inspired by connecting people with AI

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About the project

Daiga is a business consulting service that uses AI-filtered data, experience, and feedback to help businesses make more informed decisions and improve their operations. This process involves using artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, extract relevant information, and identify patterns and trends.

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Professional design that is easy to navigate and visually appealing.

Fast performance achieved by optimizing various elements of the website.

Responsive design to ensure that it is easily accessible by potential clients regardless of the device they use.


Unique illustrations

We created unique illustrations that reflect the company's image, help users better understand the processes of work, and visually communicate the value and benefits of the consulting service and how it utilizes AI to drive results.


Work process

Our main goal was to create an easy-to-use, understandable website with a unique design that reflects the customer's identity, helps users get the necessary information about services and order them, and increases conversion and customer loyalty.

Design process


Thanks to a clear workflow in place, highly professional team members who possess the necessary skills and experience, and close interaction with the client, the design and development of the site were of high quality and completed in no time.


Increasing the amount of traffic.

High conversion rate.

Increasing user engagement.

Meeting the business goal.

High search engine rankings.

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