What to expect when you work with us

From fashion magazine to banking SaaS

No matter which project we work on – the way we do it is always the same. Why? Because it simply works. Our methods are based on one purpose – to make sure that you get exactly what you want: no delays, no unpleasant surprises – only results. We offer effective digital design and build services crafted specifically for your business.

Our process explained

Sprint Zero

All-round preparations and analysis

Prototyping & Design

First steps from nothing to everything


From simple sketch to working code

Business integrations

For full functionality and maximum efficiency

Accessibility & SEO

Search visibility and total optimization

Improvement & Testing

On the way to perfection


Sprint Zero

No project can be made without all-around preparations. The Sprint Zero step is the foundation of the project: building terms, calculating the budget, drawing a concept of the finished product, and discussing all the details. Sprint Zero reduces the risks of misunderstandings for both sides, which prevents unnecessary expenses and waste of time.


Briefing and brainstorming. It requires both sides to analyze all needs and build requirements for the project. At that step, our team puts our senior-level experts with experience essential to the project (Project Manager, Business Analyst, Art Director, Technical Analyst)

Research. The research stage gives to us all the required information about the niche and competitors, user needs, and specific requests. Highlighting features that are needed for MVP and subsequent product versions.

Result. MVP composition with a shortlist of specifications, including such relevant things as back end, app architecture, integrations and detailed estimate of the design cost. Detailed and accurate prognosis of the development cost and time requirements, taking into account all the risks.

Prototyping & Design

In the process of the design creation, we are focusing on the users, for that is the only way to get their love and sympathies to the product. Modern solutions, user-friendly design which will give them the best experience possible, and an engaging mobile app that will beat its competitors. Before we start sketching any wireframes, we seek to understand your audience and the objective you want to achieve.

Prototyping and Design


Our first task is to put in order all the requirements and to understand what kind of product you want to get. For that, we research your market space and analyze your competitors and their products. At this stage, our goal is to build a core of future design decisions.

1Customer journey mapping

To build the best user-friendly design, we have to understand how users act and what they want. Customer journey mapping gives us an idea of their needs, wishes, and preferences. This analysis will lead to the visual representation of the path that users are taking in your app.

2Customer development

To validate your product vision, target audience, and design ideas, we are using the Jobs To Be Done concept as a framework for customer development. After we determine what kind of a purpose your product must accomplish, interviews and tests for users will be prepared to go.

3Wireframing & Prototyping

The process is based on three steps: sketch; wireframe; prototype. A wireframe is a low-detailed mockup that shows the structure and the layouts. A prototype is a high-fidelity design of the app which is the closest stage to the complete product as it could be.

4UI design

To give your users the best experience possible, we focus on clean and friendly UIs that have no excess of irrelevant details which are only making everything worse. To prepare the visual part (colors, fonts, animation style, etc.) we are using mood boards as one of the best ways to do so


Our leads are communicating and working as one organism to adapt your branding, visuals, and style for online platforms. You can be sure that your clients get the same great experience no matter of device or browser they use.

Development cards

0Open-source & modern tech stack

For the best result, we are using technologies that we and the community both love: Typescript, React, and Next.js.

1Scalable cloud solutions

To provide reliability, we are using AWS/Google Cloud for all applications and websites we make. No matter how big your product will grow – every solution is horizontally scalable, so you will not have to worry about the server's support if your product will become very popular.

2Continuous deployment & integration

There is no need to overcomplicate things that can be done in a simple way. Our CI capabilities are efficient enough to make it through within 15 minutes, so tests wouldn’t take too much time.

33rd-party services integration

If you want your application or the website to have integrated parts like SendGrid, Telegram Bot, or internal CMS, we can build it for you with Lambdas systems based on TypeScript or Python.

4Github project management

We believe that our customers must see how everything goes on, so we are using Github and Workflows to make all processes visible. You will be able to see how ideas transform into code and how that code goes through the testing fields.

5Access to private Git repository

Our privacy rules are simple - It’s only you and no one else could see how the code is being created. Meanwhile, we are always ready to integrate it into your infrastructure if required.


Business Integrations

Modern apps and websites cannot be effective without connecting them to other systems. To make your business solutions work perfectly, we are ready to integrate the project with any other system like CRM, courier service, payment services, etc.


Accessibility & SEO

We are working on all aspects of the website, including on-page SEO to boost its search engine visibility and to be sure that page load times stay within the best limits possible.


Improvement & Testing

As a full-stack development team with much experience, we are always listening to your opinion and view, and keep our guidance on your project roadmap. Having a partnership with companies from vast industries we’ll find solutions that were effective in projects like yours to tide over any difficulties on their way.