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It's a one-month adventure

StartUp is a fixed-fee subscription design and development service that challenges the traditional agency model.

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0Do we have experience with B2B, SaaS, and Blockchain Startups?

We have experience in multiple Startups with modern technologies. We create actionable apps ready for commercial use, thought-through user interaction, and a clean design.

1Which platforms are we using for development?

We use Cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Vercel, and GitHub for the source code. Therefore, we provide full access to the project in Cloud and full access to the source code. You are free to decide: we keep and maintain it for a fee, or you grab everything and maintain it with your development team.

2What is the usual turnaround for a project?

We set up a meeting to gather information about your project idea, current team structure, and existing skills. Then we invite you to a Trello board where you can see time and cost estimations and a rough roadmap with 1-week sprints. If everything suits you, we sign a contract.

3What is the expected deliverable for design?

We provide all source design files, a complete design system, components’ states, clickable design prototypes, ready-to-print materials, the guidelines with a bunch of examples of possible implementations.

4Do we have technical limits?

We provide the most modern and popular technologies, cover technical SEO, and integrations with social media. We can integrate the website with your existing infrastructure, or keep it separate. There are no tech limitations: we can use scalable databases, machine learning, and AI.

5What is the price range for the services?

We developed amazing pricing plans for every team, from small Startups to Enterprise companies. You can reach it in the section below. If you prefer to work with the Waterfall model then we can estimate the whole project price.

For every workflow

For every workflow

Usually, from start to finish, it takes Gorazdo Team three months or less to deliver MVP.

If your team can benefit from ongoing help, you can always choose to stick around and continue working with us.

Your project will be in good company

We don't hire third parties. We operate as your internal team with frequent, polished, and insanely fast updates.