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About the project

Japanese Cultural Festival

Since 2012, Japan House Cultural Center has been the initiator and the permanent organizer of the international project Hinode Power Japan. HPJ is a unique and the largest Russian festival of Japanese culture. Hinode Power Japan is a real Japanese holiday for a whole family with bright performances by artists and masterclasses.

Picture by Gorazdo.Studio
Picture by Gorazdo.Studio

We created a graphic identity for Hinode Power Japan that reflects the festival's entity.

Combined various elements and symbols of Japanese culture in one concept.

A cartoon motif became the foundation of a bright and celebratory visual language.


Festival merch

Our team has developed bright and attractive merch that accompanies visitors throughout the festival and remains in memory, keeping a piece of Japan.


More than 30,000 people visited the festival in 2 days in 2019.

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