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Pavel Shchegolev
Anna Tomova
API Integration
Digital Strategy
Growth Strategy
Product Management
ecological production

About the project

We worked closely with the STWORKI brand to connect the online shop experience to the service of the brand and the stories of its community. Our task was to develop a site with a slick, contemporary feel that shows the collections of furniture in Scandinavian style. We had to demonstrate the benefits of modern ecological production and attract new young audiences.

Picture by Gorazdo.Studio
Picture by Gorazdo.Studio
We increase online sales

Overall conversion rate increased by 12.5%.

Mobile conversion rate going up by nearly 30%.

We increased AOV by 4.8% by cross-selling items from one collection on the product page.

Sons Of The Forest

Outside the box

We illustrated several 'forest' characters to introduce product vibes. The shape of each character was created through various methods. From the use of different textures to a combination of animated details.

Quality and Simplicity

User Scenarios

We made sure that the brand spoke to people all around the world. Research on the behavior and habits of European users led to an improved user experience.

Modular system

We implemented Storybook for streamlines UI development, testing, and documentation.

Modular components are designed to personalize the experience based on the user's entry points and journeys to drive engagement and that way conversion. Pages can be quickly built and different campaign designs tested.

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